The Charity

North West Cancer Research

As the only independent charity dedicated to tackling cancer across the North West and North Wales, their goal is simple: to put our region’s cancer needs first.

Since 2000, the Charity have funded more than £40 million of world-class research, addressing cancer inequalities and championing our local research community to pave the way for a cancer-free future.

From life-saving research to leading ground-breaking projects that unveil better and kinder treatments, they strive to tackle the cause, improve the care and, importantly, find the cure.

But none of this would be possible without the dedication of their supporters, who work hand-in-hand with the Charity to achieve a future that is free from cancer – together, we can make this vision a reality.

We welcome donations on our JustGiving page

Where does your money go?

£2 will buy 400 liquid handlers for preparing samples.

£10 will buy 1,000 tubes to perform vital experiments in.

£50 will buy 50 flasks to culture the patient-derived cells that are needed to help understand cancer.

£100 will keep cell lines alive for a year. Cancer cell lines are used to identify new therapeutic targets and understand resistance to current treatments.

£1,000 will buy DNA analysis equipment. Groups that investigate DNA damage that causes cancer, need specialised equipment for their experiments.

£2,500 will pay of annual access to advanced imaging facilities. These image the processes that have gone wrong in cancer cells to understand how to fix them.

£5,000 will pay for the disease signatures of 10 cancer patients to be analysed. Understanding how call communication networks have been reprogrammed in cancer helps to decide where to target new therapies.

£10,000 will pay for all of the experiments performed by a North West Cancer Research PhD student in a year.